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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Allan Poindexter
  • Date: Wed Aug 09 23:01:02 2006

  Matthew> so would you consider as it is my network, that I should
  Matthew> not be allowed to impose these 'draconian' methods and
  Matthew> perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to censor traffic to and
  Matthew> from my networks?

If you want to run a network off in the corner by yourself this is
fine.  If you have agreed to participate in the Internet you have an
obligation to deliver your traffic.

At LISA a couple of years ago a Microsoftie got up at the SPAM
symposium and told of an experiment they did where they asked their
hotmail users to identify their mail messages as spam or not.  He said
the users got it wrong some small percentage amount of the time.  I
was stunned at the arrogance and presumption in that comment.  You
can't tell from looking at the contents, source, or destination if
something is spam because none of these things can tell whether the
message was requested or is wanted by the recipient.  The recipient is
the only person who can determine these things.

There are simple solutions to this.  They do work in spite of the
moanings of the hand wringers.  In the meantime my patience with email
"lost" silently due to blacklists, etc. is growing thin.