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Re: SORBS Contact

  • From: Matthew Sullivan
  • Date: Wed Aug 09 18:30:33 2006

Allan Poindexter wrote:
The functionality of my email is still almost completely intact. The
only time it isn't is when some antispam kook somewhere decides he
knows better than me what I want to read. Spam is manageable problem
without the self appointed censors. Get over it and move on.
Interesting comment - so would you consider as it is my network, that I should not be allowed to impose these 'draconian' methods and perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to censor traffic to and from my networks? Should you not be allowed to censor my traffic going to your network (if any)? The "self appointed censors" are not self appointed - they produce lists the admins of their own networks choose what traffic to accept or deny, if they choose to accept or deny based on a third party it doe not automatically make that person a "self appointed censor".