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Re: ISP wants to stop outgoing web based spam

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Wed Aug 09 12:27:04 2006

On 9-Aug-2006, at 12:02, Ken Simpson wrote:

Maybe I'm just an ignorant e-mail postmaster. I thought that
nearly all e-mail was (E)SMTP-based (LMTP excepted).

If it doesn't use the SMTP protocol, it's not reaching any
mailbox. HTTP is a web browser protocol. WebMail gets converted
by the web server and is subsequently routed using SMTP.

I think he's talking about blog spam, which is definitely submitted over HTTP.

I thought it was pretty clear that he was talking about e-mail spam submitted using HTTP to webmail services like hotmail, yahoo and gmail:

On 9-Aug-2006, at 11:11, Hank Nussbacher wrote:

I guess I wasn't clear enough in my first posting. I am not interested in smtp (port 25 spam). We have that covered. I am only interested in blocking outgoing web based spam. A user sits and sends out spam via automated tools via Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or whatever Webmail system where they have set up thousands of throwaway users.

Blog spam is easily avoided by only ever using RSS and never, ever clocking through to read any comments :-)