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Re: Anyone else lost power at Fisher Plaza this afternoon?

  • From: chuck goolsbee
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 12:09:04 2006

If anyone else lost power at Internap's Fisher Plaza facility in Seattle this afternoon and have any info related to exact duration or cause please hit me back off-list.

Isn't this like the 2nd or 3rd event at Fisher of late?

Any answers Jonathan? Has Fisher owned up to the cause yet? I did not hear of any local grid issues (we're certainly NOT broiling up here like the rest of the country.)

The *rumor* I heard was some sort of bypass switch failure. Genset(s) running, but no juice being delivered... then the UPS' ran dry. Outage lasted 45-90-some minutes depending on where in the facility your gear was.

The above is all hearsay though, from some INAP customers I ran into yesterday.


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