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Re: traffic from DE to DE goes via NL->UK->US->FR

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 10:45:04 2006

Andrius Kazimieras Kasparavic(ius wrote:

Just wondering if it is normal for traffic from DE to DE to flow through NL->UK->US->FR and so increase delay nearly 100 times?
Traceroute here: and there is only 4 AS, so ASPATH does not help a lot in finding such links with a horrifying optimisation. I believe there is much worse links, any software to detect this? Something like scanning one ip from larger IP blocks with icmp and comparing geotrajectoyi via geoip?

thank you,

I remember two peculiarities.

Between Amsterdam and London packets were summersolting. The fifth packet arrived
before the second. Making VoIP impossible.

In the Cyberbunker every IPv4 address gave a different traceroute. Most addresses
did not work at all.

When I replaced a GrandStream ATA-486 as VoIP gateway and DSL-router by a slow
linux box, that mess cleared. Everything working fine and fast. The ICMP in
the GrandStream was broken. I guess in the Cyberbunker a local router was broken
too. The sh** needed both routers to reach the fan.

Peter and Karin

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