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Re: mitigating botnet C&Cs has become useless

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 02:01:18 2006


	perhaps.  i'm partly of the mind that botnets, p2p networks, manets,
and other self-organizing systems are the "wave" of the future (or even the
present) and the technologies, per se, are not inherently "evil" or even bad.

	imho, it is short sighted to try and curtail, mitigate, and eradicate 
these types of technologies -  its kind of like trying to kill off SMTP because 
it only sends spam, FTP because its only used to distribute PR0N... and HTTP
because its only used by peadophiles stalking my daughters on MySpace...

	better to understand how these things are used and figure out how to
determine INTENT and then filter on that instead of technological eradication.

just my contrarian 0.02 rupias.