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Re: Detecting parked domains

  • From: David Ulevitch
  • Date: Thu Aug 03 10:55:19 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 2:03 PM, Sean Donelan wrote:

There seems to be DNSBL's for every other thing, I was expecting to find
one for parked domain names or the server IP addresses used.

That's not hard. It's the value of providing it I question. It only encourages them to start putting syndicated content on them and then it starts to get more confusing as to what is BS and what is real, which wastes even more time.

For less legitimate domain parking (i.e. typo-squatters), its a different

Totally agreed, and one probably worth providing a solution to.

Sites like bother me a lot less than
And ... Well, maybe that's no more disturbing than myspace. j/k

CNET held onto for a long long time before making it a site. They're still parking So some parked domains eventually get built out.

So while it'd be easy to have a list of parked domains encouraging blocking content-less sites[1] will just teach domain parkers how to use XML-RPC calls to syndicate content from flickr and other web2.0 sites for google fodder, etc. I'm not sure if that's yet another arms race worth starting. Vixie's comments a few days back resonate pretty strongly in my mind. Botnets, spammers and other miscreants already waste enough of my time.

Typo-squatting is a different beast indeed, one which annoys people endlessly.


1: I know Sean didn't specifically say he wanted to block sites, I'm just picking the obvious use of such a feed, especially if it were made public.