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RE: Detecting parked domains

  • From: David Schwartz
  • Date: Wed Aug 02 21:38:56 2006

> Parked:
>    A domain hosted by a middle-man for the sole purpose of generating
>    revenue from pay-per-click advertising. Characterized by having no
>    content of value.
> This definition *might* work for NANOG, but my parking friends would
> disagree with the above.

	If this is what you mean, then it is impossible to do so automatically.
This definition requires determining the motiviation for the registration,
which cannot be done by any technical means. For example, this definition
would exclude a domain temporarily parked for a few months while a service
is prepared and tested.

	If you mean determiming if a domain is likely to be parked or definitely
has some other set of characteristics, it helps to work that out in precise
detail. I'm not trying to be a pain, I'm genuinely trying to be helpful.

	For example, a commonly asked question is "how can I tell how much memory
my program is using" and the canonical answer is "define what you mean by
'using memory' and the answer will be obvious (or at least you'll be on your
way to getting it). (Physical memory? Virtual memory? Is the memory
footprint of a shared library to be counted as 'used'? What if this is the
only program that's using it? And so on.)