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Re: APC Matrix 5000 question(s)

  • From: up
  • Date: Wed Aug 02 09:35:49 2006

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006, Matthew Sullivan wrote:

> [email protected] wrote:
> > Update: I replaced the batteries today, and indeed, several of the old
> > ones (mostly in the first pack) were split and some had popped a couple of
> > their "sealed" tops.
> >
> > I left for several hours and came back to the house stinking like burning
> > rubber.  The new batteries are apparently melting the terminal rubber
> > insulation.  I had to throw it back into bypass mode and unplug that pack
> > (the only one with new batteries!)
> >
> > Any ideas to the cause?  The status screens looked ok. ("no bad batteries"
> > again)
> >
> Tip: Except where a newly supplied battery is faulty, replace all or
> none - across all your packs connected to the same UPS.

Understood...that's why I unplugged the other 2 XR packs from the UPS.
APC rejected the notion that there was a controller problem, until they
had me perform the battery test, when it not only cut power (batteries
were fried anyway), it stayed in test mode until bypassed.  According to
them, even with dead batteries, it should come out within 5-10 seconds.

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