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Re: open letter to earthlink & comcast please publish SPF data

  • From: Robert E . Seastrom
  • Date: Mon Jul 17 17:06:38 2006

Mark Jeftovic <[email protected]> writes:

> So how about publishing some SPF data on your domain so
> ...
> Same goes for comcast.
> ...
> It's all but eliminated the backscatter we send to hotmail. If they
> can do it....

ditto Cox (guys...  adelphia and roadrunner could do this, why can't you?)

Then there's Yahoo (who keeps getting listed on spamcop, but we might
just whitelist and override spamcop if there was some sane way to do
so....  we maintain a list of domains here that we will allow to
bypass greylisting and RBLs based upon SPF records).  Yes, we know
you're a bunch of domainkeys jocks, but how about supporting more
instead of less?

Apple " ~all" Computers, mind being a little more specific?
I realize that spamware-infested machines at Apple are probably
vanishingly rare, but still...