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Re: Sitefinder II, the sequel...

  • From: Mark Jeftovic
  • Date: Mon Jul 10 16:04:49 2006

Niels Bakker wrote:

Also, sitefinder created a wildcard DNS record where none existed before, breaking all kinds of applications in the process, openDNS doesn't do this.

Wrong. Asking their "big caching nameserver" for gibberish returns "IN A" instead of NXDOMAIN. Same breakage occurs, although they return NXDOMAIN instead of NOERROR when queried about MX or AAAA records, so ironically damage for IPv6-enabled applications is limited.

I stand corrected, however this is not as big a deal as when sitefinder did it because as we've both observed, this is voluntary. If using this breaks your application, don't have your application use it, with sitefinder you didn't have the choice.

For it's target market: end user DNS resolution, the side effects will be minimal if anything.

Several people have eloquently expressed why creating different views of a global namespace is a bad idea before on this mailing list.

I don't consider this a different view of the global namespace. If they decide to add ORSC root glue or domains then it'll be a different view of the global namespace. Hopefully they wouldn't be that reckless.

Have you switched your company over yet?

They way we run our applications doesn't lend itself to using it (it's that choice thing again), but I've got a few workstations using it and one of my laptops. It's also a handy offsite resolver to use to check DNS settings from outside our own cloud.

We also get asked our members if there is a viable resolver they can use and we'll be happy to recommend this.


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