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Re: Fanless x86 Server Recommendations

  • From: Mike Tancsa
  • Date: Fri Jun 30 11:06:59 2006

At 02:25 PM 29/06/2006, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

We're looking to acquire a couple small servers that can act as routers for
us at remote locations.

To minimize hardware issues, I'd love to get something that has no fans, can
still run a fairly decent processor and preferably no hard drive (easy with
an IDE CF adapter).

It would need a couple PCI slots for quad port ethernet cards and a fairly
robust tolerance to temperature variations.

Many mini-itx boxes dont have 2 PCI slots. You might be better going with a mini-itx solution and then use a small switch and trunk the NIC to act as a VLAN router. We have been using various embedded devices from Commell ( They seem to work well and can deal with 45C operating temps and have decent hardware watchdog support (FreeBSD version at