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Re: Fanless x86 Server Recommendations

  • From: david raistrick
  • Date: Thu Jun 29 14:49:30 2006

On Thu, 29 Jun 2006, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

To minimize hardware issues, I'd love to get something that has no fans, can
Wait, you said no fans. And decent processor.

No fans tends to == slower Via chips (ala the mini-itx boards, but available in network appliances), or Geode Pentium-ish chips.

Your best bet in fanless is either Soekris, as someone else mentioned, or PCEngines.

None of these are really PCs though...and they each have their own issues getting bsd and linuxs to run on them. But the issues are known and documentation is usually available from Soren and Pascal.

Otherwise, Via based boards are the way to go...but the fanless chips are not always as fanless as you might like. I've seen a number of them come back well fried.


david raistrick
[email protected]