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Re: Nationwide Routing issues with Wiltel

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Mon Jun 26 22:47:29 2006

Steve Sobol wrote:

>On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Vincent India wrote:
>>Anyone experiencing problems with Wiltel Backbone, or know of any issues
>>with the Wiltel Backbone? I called their NOC and was told they are
>>experiencing a nationwide routing problem that they are working on but
>>couldn't get any further details?
>I have a box sitting in a colo off a WCG circuit in Columbus, OH; 
>traceroutes from the west coast were dying a few hops short of the colo 
>facility, but I'm not a direct customer of WCG, so calling them for info 
>would have been pointless...
As a customer we were not able to get through to L3 on the phone.

Apparently prefix filtering wasn't working so well either given that AS27251 was 
managing to announce 38/8, 64/8 and 67/8 with L3 happily passing it along. 

Mark Radabaugh

[email protected]