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[OT] Re: Who wants to be in charge of the Internet today?

  • From: Edward B. DREGER
  • Date: Fri Jun 23 12:16:20 2006

RB> Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 11:33:43 -0400
RB> From: Robert Boyle

RB> Now THAT is impressive compression! I don't know what your former company
RB> did, but they should focus on selling that compression technology. ;)

Irrational numbers can be described in finite space, yet extend
indefinitely with no discernable pattern.  Perhaps said company has
found a way to map arbitrary infinite-length data streams to short,
simple representations a la "digits 'x' through 'y' of pi". ;-)

(Note smiley.  This is tongue-in-cheek commentary on entropy.)

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