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RE: key change for TCP-MD5

  • From: Bora Akyol
  • Date: Wed Jun 21 20:41:43 2006

> Another potential attack is an attempt to insert information 
> into a BGP session, such as to introduce bogus routes, or to 
> even become a "man in the middle" of a BGP session. One issue 
> that worries me about this is that if this allows routing to 
> be compromised, then I can figure out how to make money off 
> of this (and if I can think of it, someone even nastier will 
> probably also think of this). Of course this would be much 
> more difficult to pull off, and might require viewing packets 
> between routers to pull off, but if pulled off and not 
> quickly detected could be unfortunate.
> Ross

This one is hard to pull off. I think the general conclusion
a couple years ago in the study that Sean Convery and Matt Franz
did was that it was less work to try to own the router or buy your
own AS ;)