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Contact info for NOC?

  • From: Reid Knuttila
  • Date: Tue Jun 20 15:53:43 2006

NANOG Subscribers,
I'm not sure if you've ever attempted to contact the MSN (Microsoft Network) NOCC, which would be AS 8075, or, but their ARIN WHOIS listed phone numbers are all going to a central receptionist - +1-425-882-8080, who won't help at all, and won't put you me in contact with the NOC. It appears that their ARIN WHOIS information a black hole.
I've got a customer who's recently assigned network block (from ARIN) is being blocked from access to, and they would sure love to have their Hotmail working again. Anyone know who to contact over there?

Reid Knuttila
Senior Network Engineer
Onvoy, Inc.