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Tor and network security/administration

  • From: Jeremy Chadwick
  • Date: Sat Jun 17 09:30:17 2006

Apologies if this has been brought up before.

Being as I'm not a network administrator myself (although I do filter
some stuff using pf and ipfw on my severs), I'm curious what NAs
think of the following technology:

The problem I see is that this technology will be used (literally,
not ideally) solely for harassment (especially via IRC).  I do not
see any other practical use for this technology other than that.
The whole "right to privacy/anonymity" argument is legitimate, but I
do not see people using* Tor for legitimate purposes.

A colleague of mine stated his opinion of my opinion: "Your problem
with Tor is that you can't control it, isn't it?"  And he's right --
that's the exact problem I have with it.


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