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RE: WSJ: Big tech firms seeking power

  • From: Christian Nielsen
  • Date: Sat Jun 17 00:14:19 2006

This article talks about power and costs:

Interesting the power today is being used for cold storage and Aluminum plants because it is so cheap.


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>I wonder just how much power it takes to cool 450,000 servers.

I've heard mumbles that the per kWh rates from 
Bonneville in the locations along the Columbia 
are in the sub-4� range.

Grant county is seeing a huge fiber building boom 
as a result. It will be more wired up than King 
county soon. Woody was here last night and 
remarked (feel free to correct me if I misquote 
you Bill) that it was funny that nowadays 
"network geeks were more interested in kilowatts 
than kilobits"

--chuck (in Seattle)