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Re: WSJ: Big tech firms seeking power

  • From: david raistrick
  • Date: Fri Jun 16 23:18:45 2006

On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Chris Adams wrote:

Once upon a time, Alex Rubenstein <[email protected]> said:
There is a direct correlation between watts and btu's, and that is:

	watts * 3.413 = btu
No, that's wrong.
Oh lord.

a Watt is equal to one joule of energy per second. Period. a watt/hour is equal to, oh, lets see, 3600 joules consumed in that hour.

1 joule is oh, 0.00094781712 btu according to one chart, .00094845 on another.

the math is really straight forward here guys...

david raistrick
[email protected]