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Re: WSJ: Big tech firms seeking power

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Fri Jun 16 21:26:35 2006

When I made my posting, I didn't know the context was google in Oregon. I missed that somehow.

Anyway, the dam referenced below:

And the power generated from the region:

Seems like a good place to setup a datacenter.

On Fri, 16 Jun 2006, Jeff Shultz wrote:

David Lesher wrote:
Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

I wonder just how much power it takes to cool 450,000 servers.
KwH = $111,000 /month in cooling.
I don't know the area; but gather it's hydro territory?

How about water-source heat pumps? It's lots easier to cool
25C air into say 10-15C water than into 30C outside air.

Open loop water source systems do have their issues [algae, etc]
but can save a lot of power....

The Dalles, OR is on the Columbia River just upriver of Portland by 80 miles or so. It has a large dam spanning what used to be Celilo Falls in it's front yard.

Hydro territory doesn't even begin to define it... :-)

"Eco-freak" territory also doesn't begin to define it, so the idea of piping water off the Columbia and returning it even 1/2 degree warmer is a non-starter.

I'm amazed they let them put up tall cooling towers in "the historic, scenic Columbia River Gorge...." (sorry, old political battle flashback)

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