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Re: Interesting new spam technique - getting a lot more popular.

  • From: Matt Buford
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 14:36:10 2006

"chuck goolsbee" <[email protected]> wrote:
Anyway, if somebody could enlighten me to definitive proof, or stated policy by Goo... er "search engines", that confirms this "search engine result optimization by blatant abuse of IP addresses" I'd appreciate it. I for one believe it is bunk dreamt up by somebody trying to sell something. If it is true though, I would have to say that it "is evil" and I would imagine many folks here (and not to mention ARIN, RIPE, et al) would agree.
Is it true? I don't know, but a quick google search returns everyone talking about it as if it is true.

If it is true, is it sort of gaming the system? Yes, I suppose so.

Instead of pulling 1 block of 30 from your IP allocation tool, you have to pull 30 blocks of 1. This is more administrative work and I can completely understand why someone might refuse to do it just because it is a silly hassle.

But how could this possibly be IP abuse or evil (except perhaps in the eyes of the search engines)? What difference does it make to ARIN if I give a customer 30 IPs from a single /24 or 30 IPs from 30 different /24s? It makes little difference to me and is trivial to do in my topology since I already have 30+ /24s on the interface. So, I do so simply because I can't think of any reason not to. It is slightly more work to document the IPs since they each have to be put into my database instead of a single range, but this is handled by the server people.