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Re: offline...

  • From: Will Hargrave
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 10:39:59 2006

Joe Abley wrote:
I think you're mistaken about the server being off-line, since I can see it just fine from many places. The RIPE NCC dnsmon tool can also see it from its various probes:
That's old data. This is a recent incident. (IIRC, the most recent data isn't publicly available).

It's rolled over and you can see it going down in the live interface now:

I don't know any details about how that servers is deployed, however, so it's non-trivial to draw more conclusions about what problems you're having. Perhaps a single anycast node has some issues, or perhaps has flapped a bit, and has been suppressed due to dampening in your neck of the woods.
I did (and do) check on multiple ASs that I run and asked a few others to check, also checked looking glasses and so on.

But anyway, it's back now, so nothing to see. Obviously a local problem of some sort.