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Re: DNSSEC in Plain English

  • From: Edward Lewis
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 10:25:06 2006

At 11:11 +0100 6/15/06, [email protected] wrote:

"certificates", and so on. This is fine for a
technical audience but it won't help explain the
issue to the decision makers who spend the money.
We should be clear on who the decision makers are. I've spent a long time trying to trick folks with engineering budgets and policy roles into doing DNSSEC. As much as they have been sympathetic to the cause, they can't find the justification they need to make DNSSEC happen. It's not that they are "ignorant." It's that they answer to other authorities - not the *gasp* engineers.

The people who have investments in the Internet are the decision makers here. The consumers of the Internet, those who buy its services and turn them around for a profit, are the decision makers. They are the ones exposed to risk, they are the ones to best judge if DNSSEC fills a need.

Unfortunately, I don't speak their language. Shucks, I'm just a simple country engineer from the old days.

I do not mean to say we should stop technical discussions of DNSSEC nor stop the education process happening today. I also don't mean to say that we ought to give up on developing tools that will make DNSSEC less onerous. I mean to say that the effort to deploy DNSSEC has to consider (or increase what's done now) reaching out to those who we think are the consumers or beneficiaries of DNSSEC.

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