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Re: Interesting new spam technique - getting a lot more popular.

  • From: Bill Nash
  • Date: Wed Jun 14 19:42:20 2006

And let me tell you.. inheriting a network like that, knowing a better way to do it, will make you want to put a gun in your mouth. Two /19's worth of address space in VLAN1 (not just in one vlan, but in vlan *1*. Cisco nerds are slapping foreheads or spitting Coke right now.)

Trying to migrate customers to their own vlan when they've been alloted IPs, willy nilly, across one of the bajillion /24's secondaried on the vlan interface drives me into an entire new dimension of pissed off.

Don't even get me started on allocation and traffic accounting.

- billn

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

On Wed, Jun 14, 2006 at 07:03:10PM -0400, Matt Buford wrote:
As a hoster with many customers on large shared VLANs perhaps I can add a
Note that if you're reading this list, you have already identified
yourself as a non-typical hoster. Go read WHT or GFY for 10 minutes for an
example of typical hosters, and if you're not a drooling idiot in need of
a brain transplant afterwards consider yourself lucky. :) And don't
forget, there are hundreds of hosting networks like the ones I described,
a lot of whom are in the 1 - 30Gbps traffic range, with absolutely no clue
how to do better.

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