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Re: Interesting new spam technique - getting a lot more popular.

  • From: Florian Weimer
  • Date: Wed Jun 14 12:47:52 2006

* Christopher L. Morrow:

> is it really that hard to make your foudry/extreme/cisco l3 switch vlan
> and subnet??? Is this a education thing or a laziness thing?

You need those L3 switches before you can do this.  Obviously, L2 gear
is much cheaper, and will work equally well until it is attacked.

Even with L3 switches, adressing it is a bit tricky.  Not all vendors
support point-to-point adressing on Ethernet interfaces (certainly
some host software doesn't).  There are universal subscriber gateways
that simply override all network configuration on the host, but they
aren't marketed at datacenters AFAIK.  After all, who would think that
a datacenter needs a network security policy similar to that of a
hotel offering Internet access in its rooms?