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Re: IP failover/migration question.

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 22:51:50 2006

On Mon, 12 Jun 2006 [email protected] wrote:

> > clear understanding as to what is involved in terms of moving the IPs,
> > and how fast it can potentially be done.
> I don't believe there is any way to get the IPs
> moved in any kind of reasonable time frame for
> an application that needs this level of failover
> support.

There may be actually... if you don't have to be TOO far apart:

soemthing like (that no one at mci/vzb seems to want to market :( as a

2 external connections (isp)
2 internal connections (private network)
2 cities (washington, DC and NYC for this arguement)
2 Metro-Private-Ethernet connections
2 Nokia Firewall devices (IP740 or IP530 ish)
2 catalyst switches
2 copies of equipment in 'datacenter' (one in each location)

Make the nokia's do BGP with the outside world, do state-sync across the
MPLE link, make the MPLE link look like a front-side VLAN, backside VLAN,
and state-sync VLAN (you could do this with a single MPLE connection of
course) announce all routes out NYC, if that link goes dark push routes
out DC link.

State sync on the firewalls Checkpoint/Nokia says will work if the link
has less than 10ms latency (or so... they aren't much with the hard
numbers on this since they noramally site in the same rack). you could
even (probably) make things work in NYC for NYC users and DC for DC
users... though backside state-sync in the apps might get hairy.