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Re: wrt joao damas' DLV talk on wednesday

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 17:47:23 2006

[email protected] (David Conrad) writes:

> Can you have a power play when at least one party doesn't play?

what i find fascinating by the whole "why don't you and him fight?" angle
being played out here is that there is *no* trusted entity for this.  drc,
can you check with your corporate masters to find out whether ICANN, ISOC,
ITU, NRO, and the other alphabet-soup denizens of your choice could somehow
do a joint venture around DLV?  it seems to me that if we dilute the stew
with enough disparite international unaligned interests, we'll eventually
reach a point where the result appears so dilute as to be powerless and
therefore trustworthy, but still barely potent enough to operate a DLV
Paul Vixie