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Re: wrt joao damas' DLV talk on wednesday

  • From: Payam T Chychi
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 12:26:13 2006

Paul Vixie wrote:
If Paul is present specifically and only for Q&A that pertains to subject
matter with which he is knowledgeable, his presence helps the ops community.

I have not seen any writings that indicate that Paul was at b&g or bofs or
other portions of the conference.
i was at the B&G, having first checked with the host to find out if visitors
were welcome. while my intent was to pick somebody up for dinner, i admit
that i also ate and drank and socialized.

Based upon that data, I am inclined to support Paul.

The proper procedure would have been to let Merit know that he would be
there to support the individual presenting the talk.

Other than that, I see no offense.
now that you know the whole story, perhaps you'll reevaluate your position.

my own feeling on this is that if i'm attending a nanog in some distant city
and there are ops people living/working in that city who do not have time to
"attend", then i would rather that they came to the nanog social events than
either (a) not see them at all, or (b) have to meet them elsewhere.

however, this is not a debate about facts (which aren't in dispute), but
rather manners, a social-subjective matter. what is or isn't "rudeness"
varies somewhat with time, location, culture, "society's mood", and so on.
lacking a "miss manners" to gauge the nanog society's "mood" in this time
and place, we all have to just use our own best judgement. mine failed me,
and i've already apologized for that.
Wow, are there no outstanding technical, networking, product subjects left to talk about that this has been the most active subject in the last few days?

It happened, but that doesn't necessarily mean that others will take advantage of this in the future. Some make small mistakes and others have no honor. This seems to be a case of a small mistake. GET OVER IT!

--Payam T Chychi