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Re: Extreme Networks BD 6808 errors -- help to interpret.

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 05:05:30 2006

> I have probably missed something, perhaps unwritten policy, and for that 
> am sorry. I will not repeat my mistake.

Please DO CONTINUE to discuss this on the list.
Ignore all those messages of complaint. The only
complaints that matter are those of the Mailing
List Administrators whose names are listed here:

The people who were complaining to you are not
serious about network operations. They just want
to keep it as a private club where only people
who know the secret handshake can apply.

However, in the 21st century, stable and reliable
network operations are vital to the global economy.
This means that we MUST openly discuss issues that
arise in order to jointly solve the problems and
to educate all parties involved, vendors, researchers
and operators.

It's OK to step on some toes and offend a few people.
This is a rough and tumble business where you need
to have a thick skin to survive. Perhaps the problem
is that the COMPLAINANTS do not have a thick enough

--Michael Dillon