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Re: IP failover/migration question.

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 01:01:01 2006

On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Andrew Warfield wrote:

> > I think there is some cisco magic you could do with 'dial backup'... you
> > may even be able to rig this up with an ibgp session (even if that goes
> > out over the external provider) to swing the routes.
> >
> > NOTE: this could make your site oscillate if there are connectivity issues
> > between the sites, it could get messy FAST, and it could be hard to
> > troubleshoot. Basically look before you leap :)
> >
> > This link may b e of assistance:
> >
> This link asks me for a login...

aw crap, sorry... try:

(12.0 code reference infos)

> > to get greed into it.. are you sure you want to be 'stuck' with a single
> > carrier? :) What if the carrier dies wouldn't you want redundant carrier
> > links as well?
> I'd love a multi-ISP solution.  I just assumed that anything involving
> more than a single upstream AS across the two links would leave me
> having to consider BGP convergence instead of just IGP reconfig.  I

both are bgp convergence actually, unless the routes are put from BGP ->
IGP inside the single provider, which is a little scary.

Consider that loctions A and B exist. A is primary, B secondary. B's
routes don't exist in ISP's network. A explodes, the network above A has
to withdraw the routes, the network above B (it's not the same POP nor
POP router right?) has to get new routes from B then send them out.

You'll gain SOME possibly, but that probably depends on the bgp/ibgp
architecture inside the ISP in question :(

> didn't presume that that would likely be something that happened in
> seconds.  If there's a fast approach to be had here, I'd love to hear
> it.

get with the greed man! :)