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Re: IP failover/migration question.

  • From: Edward B. DREGER
  • Date: Mon Jun 12 00:08:55 2006

AW> Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 20:55:42 -0700
AW> From: Andrew Warfield

AW> I'd love a multi-ISP solution.  I just assumed that anything involving
AW> more than a single upstream AS across the two links would leave me
AW> having to consider BGP convergence instead of just IGP reconfig.  I
AW> didn't presume that that would likely be something that happened in
AW> seconds.  If there's a fast approach to be had here, I'd love to hear
AW> it.

(1) Internal link between locations.
(2) Same ISPs at all locations.

The closer to the source, the faster the convergence.

Be sure to test.  I've had multiple links to one provider _within the
same datacenter_ where their iBGP-fu (or whatever they had) was lacking.
Bouncing one and only eBGP session to them triggered globally-visible
flapping. :-(

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