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Re: Extreme Networks BD 6808 errors -- help to interpret.

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Sat Jun 10 13:20:18 2006

(followups set)

On 10-Jun-2006, at 06:09, Mattias Ahnberg wrote:

Mattias Ahnberg wrote:
I've recently stumbled over an error in the logs of one of my Black Diamond
6808's. Due to redundant MSMs this hasn't had any practical effect yet, but
I have just initiated a ticket on the matter.
I just got word from a few members that my post was seriously off topic. I
did try to study the information at listfaq.html before
I posted just to be certain, and my view is that I couldn't find anything
that outruled a posting like my own.
It's the AUP that determines what's on-topic for the list, not the FAQ. Your message was perfectly fine for the NANOG list according to the AUP.

However, in the interests of getting you a good answer to your question, you might find the following list more useful than this one:

This advice is also in the FAQ you quoted (well, kind of: see <http://>).

I have probably missed something, perhaps unwritten policy, and for that I
am sorry. I will not repeat my mistake.
Getting flamed by other subscribers is all part of life in the big city :-)