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Re: 2006.06.07 NANOG-NOTES Smart Network Data Services

  • From: Simon Waters
  • Date: Fri Jun 09 10:21:53 2006

On Friday 09 Jun 2006 12:22, Matthew Petach wrote:
> (I'm starting to guess I'd finish sending these out faster if
> I stopped falling asleep on my keyboard so often... --Matt)

Get more sleep -- Nanog isn't worth losing sleep over.

> nice quotes on slides

Hehe of course when Carl at AOL claimed that, AOL based bots were still the 
single largest source of spam received here. Eternal vigilance......

> SNDS tomorrow
> Usability

The sign-up process is very painful. 

Microsoft Passports really aren't appropriate for business accounts, my 
employer don't have a mothers maiden name, or a first pet. At one point it 
claimed the name of my first pet must have more than 5 characters in it ? 
(Perhaps they should aim for things likely to have more information in them, 
besides my mothers maiden name has been published in the newspapers).

I sent a request for help, as the process fell over at the stage of 
authorising the first address range I requested. With a failure to handle the 
URL sent for me to click.

> Q: Matt asks whether Microsoft will point their
> own systems at it

Let's hope they do an AOL, as after emailing Carl the problem was fixed