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Re: Zebra/linux device production networking?

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Wed Jun 07 08:55:13 2006

Nick Burke wrote:
Greetings fellow nanogers,

How many of you have actually use(d) Zebra/Linux as a routing device (core and/or regional, I'd be interested in both) in a production (read: 99.999% required, hsrp, bgp, dot1q, other goodies) environment?

Just have a look for MTU.

If you connect home - aDSL - someplace and your MTU is smaller than the
aDSL packetsize then your connection is

home - adsl - tunnel - someplace

That tunnel consists of two routers, linux or whatever. Behind the tunnel
you might find some 200 hosts. The speed is 2Meg through the tunnel.
It used to connect one /18 and a handful of /24

The two linux boxes were maintained by a guru. They almost never gave
problems. Mostly the hardware router behind that tunnel did.

I dont know what kind of device it is. All I know is, it seems to know
some 8 or more interfaces, hardware or virtual.

The installation, a nuclear bunker, used to house some websites and
services. (And an XTC-lab :)

There are a lot of network bunkers arround. I guess half of them looks
the same.

Peter and Karin Dambier

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