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Re: Zebra/linux device production networking?

  • From: James
  • Date: Tue Jun 06 17:59:40 2006

> (ps, particulars are deliberately not included.. I'm not looking for 
> advice, just if anyone has any solid experience with this..)

Unless you are absolutely certain of how routers need to work for your
environment, and am willing to engineer your way out of problems, using this
platform to achieve 99.x% uptime is quite not practical. Overall, this is a
bad business decision, and if you quite had the clues to engineer most of
the problems, you wouldn't be asking this question anyway ;)

It's really a matter of lacking commercial support to route your traffic.
If you can support yourself, then great, by all means go for it, and there
are several operators running stable on cheap gears.  If you can't support
yourself, then you are opening up a can of worms. 

With that said, if you are looking to do one-router network for BGP, you may
want to take a look at OpenBGPd, which is stable but currently lacks IGP 
support (though, openospfd is under works).  Zebra is only stable when it's
doing nothing or next to nothing.