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Re: 2006.06.05 NANOG-NOTES Peering BOF notes

  • From: Niels Bakker
  • Date: Tue Jun 06 10:50:36 2006

Nice notes - thanks.

* [email protected] (Matthew Petach) [Tue 06 Jun 2006, 12:52 CEST]:
BillN: is there something else that could be given
to the customer that would satisfy their question
without revealing what
Chuck: A lot of ISPs lie about their peerings; he
runs AMSIX, people claim to have multiple gig to
the peering exchange, he knows they don't really
have that much.
Patrick: but he can look at the peering stats on
AMSIX--Chuck notes only members can.
Don't know a Chuck at AMS-IX, and he's wrong about port details being available only to existing members. Click on any name at and get the full Monty.

Patrick: customers ask how many gigs they can send
to a provider; it's available headroom, so they
ask their upstreams how much available headroom
is left.  Most providers are having a lot of
trouble getting the right capacities to the
right networks.  The reason many don't
answer is they don't like the answer they have
to give.
As a transit provider you're doing something if for the majority of your time you are dealing with customer complaints about packet loss.

-- Niels.