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Re: Are botnets relevant to NANOG?

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Fri May 26 18:45:32 2006

Not effective against botnets.

Think of it this way, thousands of compromised hosts (zombies),
distributed to the four corners of the Internet, hundreds (if
not thousands) of AS's -- all recieving their instructions via
IRC from a C&C server somewhere, that probably also may change
due to dynamic DNS, or pump-and-dump domain registrations, or
any other various ways to continually move the C&C.

Simply going after (what may _seem_to_be_) the last-hop router
is like swinging a stick after a piņata that you can't actually
reach when you are blind-folded. :-)

- ferg

-- Peter Dambier <[email protected]> wrote:

Just an afterthought, traceroute and take the final router. I guess for
aDSL home users you will find some 8 or 11 routers in germany. My final
router never changes. Of course there can hide more than one bad guy
behind that router.


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