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Re: MAE-WEST - 55 S Market area equipment sourcing

  • From: Christopher McCrory
  • Date: Wed May 24 10:55:06 2006


On Tue, May 23, 2006 6:22 pm, Rodney Joffe said:


> Can anyone point me to a source in the 55 S Market area that might
> have the appropriate intelligent media conversion devices actually in
> stock, at a reasonable price, and not "1-2 days" out? Bearing in mind
> that besides converting media, I have to convert speed for the Gbics?
> And I am trying to avoid the cost of getting two switches, and
> installing appropriate Gbics in them :-/

This is not in you area, but FFR in LA across the street from one
wilshire, Lightsource1 has a small storefront.  They stock GBICS, fiber,
copper, various Cisco bits (backed by a stockpile of larger stuff).  There
is a phone number posted for the "It's 2am and I need $part right now"
times.  Rumor has it they will soon have free coffee and wireless.

Christopher McCrory
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