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Re: Geo location to IP mapping

  • From: Martin Hannigan
  • Date: Mon May 15 17:54:43 2006

At 05:36 PM 5/15/2006, Alain Hebert wrote:


   I'm moron.  You didn't know it yet?

I already mentioned the NTP thread. Let's not relive it.

There are some facts:

1. Geo location is a real application
2. There are multiple methods for obtaining the location (accuracy varies)
3. I wouldn't use current ip geo location to pinpoint UBL, but perhaps
knowing where his post office is...
4. it's reliable enough for security applications and
advertising, depending upon your method, provider, and use case

I could offer more examples of improving the accuracy on a
geo-asp provider level, but I think more than enough has been said
about the topic to make it clear to the average reader.

Take a look at the NSA patent mentioned. It's here and it's


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