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Re: Geo location to IP mapping

  • From: Alain Hebert
  • Date: Mon May 15 17:37:40 2006


I'm moron. You didn't know it yet?


Come on...

"The way we disperse static IP" ain't imagination, its fact... We spread a /20 on dynamic dialup and dsl over 2 provinces and since most of the residential services is build like this you cannot get a read of where that ip user is located, unless you have also access to our customers db and authentication account db too.

The best you'll get is country. Even then we have some that are LanEx'ed in europe and usa.

(FYI: English is not my first language btw... so dont expect too much)

David Schwartz wrote:

I'm sure that everybodies here understand that the city databases
cannot be accurate more than 50%.

They *cannot* be?

The way we disperse static IP on commercial accounts there is not
way they can figure out where the destination is.

The last best guest will be the peer router before my routers.

For me the country db is good enought for basic webalizer report for
the customers websites.
(This way my customers dont waste queries to on
non-spam related things)

This is a pure argument from lack of imagine. They most certainly can be.

Hypothetically, consider a company that had access to sales and account
databases from sites like eBay, Amazon, and the like. It extracts from this
database IP/city pairs. From this, it could do much better than 50%.

You are basing your conclusions on your own lack of imagination.


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