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Re: MEDIA: ICANN rejects .xxx domain

  • From: Martin Hannigan
  • Date: Fri May 12 02:29:18 2006

At 02:22 AM 5/12/2006, Jim Popovitch wrote:

Fred Baker wrote:
On May 11, 2006, at 8:42 PM, Jim Popovitch wrote:

Why not just plain ole hostnames like nanog, www.nanog, mail.nanog
For the same reason DNS was created in the first place. You will recall that we actually HAD a hostname file that we traded around...
Let's not go backwards now.... ;-)

Note: I didn't advocate replacing DNS with host files. I'll attempt to clarify: If X number of DNS servers can server Y number of TLDs, why can't X number of completely re-designed DNS servers handle just root domain names without a TLD.


Why have a TLD when for most of the world:

www.cnn.CO.UK is forwarded to www.cnn.COM is forwarded to is forwarded to

etc., etc.

There are very few arguments that I've heard for even having TLDs in the first place. The most common one was "Businesses will use .COM, Networks will use .NET, Organizations and Garden Clubs will use .ORG". When in reality Businesses scoop up all the TLDs in their name/interest.

Yes, but that was when you actually wouldn't dare get a .org for yourself unless
you really were qualified under the guidelines. Same for .net. The distinctions
have been meaningless for quite some time. They are simply placeholders.

Why does it matter if your routers and switches are in DNS as vrs

I do understand that today's DNS system was designed with TLDs in mind, and probably couldn't just switch over night. But why can't a next-gen system be put in place that puts and right where they go now whether you use .net, .com, .org, or probably any other TLD?

Im having an offline discussion with a list member and I'll ask, why does it matter if
you have a domain name if a directory can hold everything you need to know about them
via key words and ip-addrs, NAT's and all?


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