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[Fwd: [Full-disclosure] NISCC DNS Protocol Vulnerability]

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Mon May 01 15:55:33 2006

As an FYI, seems serious.
No real or any details yet. Like a friend said, you can guess where to look for it yourselves but this release is rather useless until more details are given.

Attached is the message from FD.


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"The vulnerabilities described in this advisory affect implementations of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol. Many vendors include support for this protocol in their products and may be impacted to varying degrees, if at all."

..DoS...memory corruption...stack corruption...buffer overflow exploits"

"Vendors affected:
Cisco, Delegate, Ethereal, Hitachi, ISC, Juniper Networks, MyDNS, pdnsd, Sun, Wind River & Microsoft"

Whole stuff in .pdf format

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