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Re: Local Loop Install.

  • From: Scott "Tuc" Ellentuch at T-B-O-H
  • Date: Wed Apr 26 23:48:05 2006


	I ran into a situation like this a while back, and it got VERY
messy. (I was both the owner of the building and looking for a company
to provide connectivity). What if you get fed up with the provider and 
don't want them to do your connectivity anymore, now you also have 
to deal with the potential terms of the agreement no longer being 
valid (If you put a statement in that they needed to provide service 
at a discount, if you aren't buying from them anymore and there is no 
provision for outright payment....You see where I'm going).

	I would stay away from anything other than them getting their
own space, own contract with the building, etc. 


> I've got an interesting question / situation...
> I've got a local loop provider that we're looking at using for some 
> fiber connectivity. The long story is that there's no real great place 
> for them to place their gear in the entire building, sort of paying rent 
> to the landlord, placing gear in our suite, or placing gear in an 
> uncontrolled room , i.e. no cooling, no controlled access. This 
> "local-loop" provider is asking to place this gear into our space... 
> while this gear is to provide us with fiber connectivity back to a 
> carrier hotel; they're also looking to service other tenants in our 
> building. It is unrealistic to ask this provider for some sort of a 
> kickback, or monthly discount on service? They're hitting us up for an 
> install fee, maybe they could waive that? Anyone have some thoughts on 
> this? Am I being unrealistic in thinking that, if they are going to 
> profit by having gear in our space, we should expect to see a small 
> return or favor? The only other option for them is to spend money and 
> lease a small room, or modify an existing smaller room in the building 
> to fit their needs.
> Rob