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RE: data center space

  • From: Lincoln Dale
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 00:30:44 2006

> Lincoln Dale wrote:
> >
> > I suggest you talk to some of the folks you work with that have to deal
> with
> > synchronous replication.
> >
> > In the world of storage networking & synchronous I/O, typically anything
> > higher than 1 msec round-trip latency is too high.
> True, but 2ms latency in syncing a backup system is much better than 1
> month complete loss of service due to *poor* continuity planning.  We
> all know what the next big threats are (nuclear and/or biological), is
> it worth the risk that the next (and there will be) event is small
> enough not to affect an area 65 miles across?

Once again, I suggest you talk to the folks you work with that deal with

My experience is that "large NY financials" do both sync replication for <90
miles and then async replication to a third tertiary location that is 200+
miles away.

Not sure I agree with your on where you think the next big threats are ..
but I don't think we could discuss that with any signal:noise ratio!