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Re: data center space

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Mon Apr 24 05:30:13 2006

> Five years after 9/11 you would think that people would have located 
> business continuity ops much further away (assuming the businesses are 
> based in NYC) than NJ. 

The financial industry has to have their NY backups
somewhere else in the NY area because they generally
require proximity to the NYSE. The latency from the
NYSE to their office is more important than anything

Also, there are many other stock markets outside
New York in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, etc. There are
also ECNs which are electronic trading networks that
are not reliant on a single physical location. There
is redundancy at all layers. The NYSE has its own
redundancy, all the brokerage firms have their redundancy,
the banks have theirs, the clearing companies have
theirs, and so on.

Even within a single organization they likely have
different backup locations for servers, for data
backups, for office space, etc. Lots of people have
been working on this for quite a few years now and 
they generally hedge their bets by offsetting the
high risk backup location in Jersey City with some
lower risk backup sites further away. It's all about
risk management, a world in which there are few 

--Michael Dillon