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Re: Google AdSense Crash

  • From: Peter Dambier
  • Date: Sun Apr 23 17:53:08 2006

Joel Jaeggli wrote:


If one observes enough google outages, one would conclude that they then to be localized, and transient. One might conclude further from that observation, that as an ASP they don't have all their eggs in the same basket. The upshot though is that observers with different vantage points are observing different pieces of infrastructure.

I personally would question the utility of reporting on a failure of a service without being able to point at least in direction of the piece that failed.

If I understand you correctly then it does not make sense reporting
errors here as long as I dont have a clue.

People with a clue dont know I have a problem.

There is no problem as long as I dont report it.

That saves a lot of bandwidth urgently needed for ranting :)

Have a nice weekend.
Peter and Karin

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