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Re: Tools for LARTing large nets of compromised boxen? (on/off listsummary)

  • From: Michael Loftis
  • Date: Thu Apr 20 17:56:43 2006

I received quite a few good responses, I've ended up using and from the list below (found at the same place).

Thanks again everyone.

IASON was pointed out but seems incomplete and

Another member pointed out that Cymru WHOIS server has a bulk mode input to turn IP lists into source ASNs. and whois:// from along with from same is what I ended up using. I had to write a pattern to match, and remove other patterns to prevent accidental matches but this ended up doing what I wanted.

I got some other responses, some duplicates too. I've anonymized responses since I'm not sure if the off-list responders wish to be identified.