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Re: Is your ISP Influenza-ready?

  • From: Robert Boyle
  • Date: Tue Apr 18 00:03:46 2006

At 09:50 PM 4/17/2006, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
How about this idea... are your corporate VPN services (assuming there is
one aside fromm 'ssh to the bastion host' of course) prepared to
double/quadruple/more-uple their normal concurrent user counts? During the
fallout of Katrina we observed this being a problem for some of the
corporations in region :( I know that quite a few folks plan for 50% or
less of their employees to be 'dialed in' :( If 100%, or some majority,
how do the corp folks plan on supporting that? :(
I don't know about the rest of the country, but in the northeast, there are MANY days during the winter when only a couple of people can make it to our office and a number of our clients have the same situation. On those days at Tellurian, everyone who can't make it in works from home. It is completely transparent to our clients. People in NJ may understand if we have a blizzard, but our clients in CA don't care and expect the same level of service. As an ISP/ASP, we have the bandwidth, phone lines, and VPN concentrator capacity available for our own use, but what about your clients who may only use their connection for email and web access and a few road warriors and sales folks normally. Perhaps 200-300 people can share a T1 with light to moderate use in one office, but with 200+ people connecting back in via VPN, a T1 isn't going to cut it. Scale up or down DSL to OC3 based on the client. I don't think it is something people design for and I know it isn't something most clients will pay for until they need it and don't have it. Then they will want more bandwidth installed immediately.


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