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Re: Common Carrier Question

  • From: Fergie
  • Date: Thu Apr 13 21:39:54 2006

Google it.

And you're naive to you think its just VoIP anymore.

The whole, nasty, underlying issue with 'network inequity' is
that it is a bubble in its truest sense -- some infrastructure
simply will not support tens of thousands, etc. unicast streams,
AND also support traditional 'best effort' traffic.

It's the old 'ten pounds of shite in a five pound bag' dilemma.

Somethings gotta give ($) or something's gotta go ($) -- or be
degraded somehow.

Warnings on this were sounded ten (or more) years ago. :-)

- ferg

ps. Funny that -- the complexities of things these days vs.
traditional recurring telco revenue streams. ;-)

-- Alain Hebert <[email protected]> wrote:

Eric Germann wrote:

>Except when an ISP blocks Vonage completely, then they aren't neutral and it
>is QoS (unless the QoS == 0 for VoIP) 
    We (or its just me) might be curious about which ISP did that.


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